Article Keywords


When you're writing an article, you must be clear about what are your keywords. These are the words that will help you get higher rankings on Google. This will help you make sure that your article is easy to read, and your readers will find it easy to read. You can also use numbered lists to emphasize your keyword relevance.

The first step in optimizing your content for SEO is to decide on your keywords. There are three key areas to include in your primary keyword. These areas are the title, the body of your article, and the abstract. Your primary keyword should appear in the most prominent locations. Other keywords can follow, as long as they're relevant to your article. The next step is to decide where your secondary and additional keywords should live in your article.

When choosing keywords for your article, focus on words that relate to the topic of the content. While selecting a subject, you should avoid using words in the title that are irrelevant to the topic. It's best to pick words that are associated with the main theme of your content. However, you need to use keywords wisely. If you stuff the content with keywords, Google will consider it spam. To avoid this, you can use the keyword density checker tool. It is available on the ContentWise online website. 


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